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we increase invest in gear fixture2022-08-09
2 sets high efficiency gear grinding machine 2022-03-16
gear spline tolerance control within 3um--premium gear comes from care of every detail2022-05-03
automatic gear dry hobbing machine put into use2022-01-29
one-stop service center set in our company2021-11-06
The one-stop service center ceremony ofChina quality infrastructure was held in Anhui Yiben JinggongTechnology Co., Ltd. on Oct.5 th 2021. Relevant government officerand representatives of enterprises attended the activity. The one-stop ser
attened 2020 Bauma Fair in Shanghai2020-11-28
China gear enters the key period of industrial structure adj2020-11-09
The structure of Chinas gear industry is unreasonable. As a result, a small number of enterprises have lost money or even went bankrupt. However, under the circumstances of this kind of micro growth, Shanghai Gear General Factory and Shando
Double ring drive: the main industry of gear steadily increa2020-11-09
Precision gear leading enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in the R D, production and sales of mechanical transmission gears. At present, the company has formed a product pattern of all-round development of gears for passenger cars, c
China's hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry adhere to tech2020-11-09
Progressive hydraulic technology has penetrated into many fields, and has been widely applied and developed in civil industry, machine tools, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural and forestry machi
Introduction to the company's technical transformation proje2020-02-29