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one-stop service center set in our company

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The one-stop service center ceremony of China quality infrastructure was held in Anhui Yiben Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. on Oct. 5th 2021. Relevant government officer and representatives of enterprises attended the activity.
The one-stop service center has three services, inspection, testing and certification services, gear products service and standard measurement service. our company responsible for the acceptance of enterprise visit needs. Through this communication and mutual assistance platform, serving the whole gear industry chain. 
One-stop service center established in our company, which fully affirmation of the company's gear inspection and testing ability.
we increased the investment in gear testing and purchased many international advanced gear testing equipment, trained a batch of high quality testing and professional testing technical team, we also established the enterprise internal quality control system and internal control standards, through a series of innovation, make our gear testing ability in the national leading position.