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Gear pump and generator will usher in new market opportuniti

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With the advent of summer and the aggravation of the contradiction between supply and demand of kerosene, the power supply in all parts of the country is tense again, which leads to the hot sales of gear pumps and generators in the second phase market. According to relevant information, in the second half of the year, there is still a large gap after the balance of electricity in China. In order to ensure the production, domestic water and electricity demand, at present, many units in China's provinces and cities? Hotels, residential areas and so on have purchased gear pumps and generators. In order to avoid delay in production, many enterprises have prepared generators out of their own pockets. Driven by this, gear pumps and generators naturally become a tight commodity? According to the analysis, at least in recent years, the situation of power shortage will continue, while the growth trend of China's economy will still maintain high-speed growth, so the contradiction between power supply and demand is still prominent in recent years, which is undoubtedly an opportunity for the gear pump and generator industry.
The gear pump and generator market, which was formed when the hardware city was first built, has gradually formed a certain scale after more than ten years of rapid development. In the early stage, in order to meet the needs of the market development of Hardware City, gear pumps, generators and other mechanical and electrical products were collectively moved to the second phase market for operation. The good business environment promoted the continuous expansion of the sales network group of gear pumps and generators. According to statistics, the average sales volume of gear pumps and generators in hardware city reaches tens of thousands each year, accounting for more than 90% of the city's market sales rate. In the hardware city market where there are many products, more and more people come to buy gear pumps and generators, especially famous brands such as Xinke, Dayu and new territories. It is reported that in addition to local consumers, the majority of the sales channels for gear pumps and generators come from Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Fujian, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities seriously affected by drought in previous years and neighboring counties and cities.
According to dealers, summer is the hot season for gear pumps and generators, especially for gear pumps. In addition to agricultural use, industrial pumps are also on the rise in recent years. There are several reasons for the popularity of generators. Firstly, the national hydropower supply is in serious shortage due to various reasons, and the power consumption is limited to a certain extent. In recent years, it is the period of rapid development of China's industrial economy, many enterprises have increased their horsepower to put into large-scale production; secondly, in the first two years, many manufacturers bought generators for emergency, and there was no long-term purchase In this case, the updated generators also account for a large part; moreover, the export volume of mechanical and electrical products is increasing every year, and the market space of gear pump and generator will be very large in recent years. It is in the promotion of three factors, hardware city gear pump and generator market once again ushered in a new development opportunity
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